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CACI Eye Revive with Electro Mask

CACI Eye Revive with Electro Mask
An Electro Mask must be purchased for £30. Machine washable, the mask will last up to 20 treatments.

Against the coronavirus backdrop and the rules preventing us offering facials, CACI has created the Electro Mask. This means that we can now offer you the CACI Eye Revive at Chamomile which together with the Electro Mask will rejuvenate the lower part of your face with microcurrent energy and encourage that much wanted collagen!

Created with antibacterial, electrically-conductive silver fibre technology, CACI’s Electro Mask is made with soft breathable cotton and provides you with a face covering thus complying with the Scottish Government’s Guidelines. Importantly, it also simultaneously works as a treatment mask.

Once connected the Electro Mask becomes electrically conductive enabling the facial area to be bathed in rejuvenating microcurrent energy. You can lie back and enjoy the CACI Eye Revive.

Microcurrent rollers will be applied to your forehead and eye area followed by a deeply nourishing Hydro Eye mask, helping with hooded eyelids, puffiness and dark circles as well as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

A course is recommended to achieve best results but this treatment can be a “one-off” treatment if you wish. With limited availability early booking is advised.

An Electro Mask can be purchased for £30. Machine washable the mask will last up to 20 treatments.

If you have an existing CACI Course with the Spa then we can exchange this for the CACI Revive. The Electro Mask must be purchased separately.


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