Serums and Oils

Justine, owner of Chamomile, is a huge advocate of serums and oils.

  Here, she and Chamomile’s skincare specialist, 

Justyna Dzienkowska, share their top tips.




Your favourite serum and why ? One of our best-selling serums at Chamomile is Medik8 Hydr8 B5 and Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Intense.

They are packed with multi-weight hyaluronic acid that has the ability to penetrate different skin levels, hydrating skin inside out.  They also boast amino acids and fatty acids to boost water retention.  It is like a drink of water for our skin. The serums are appropriate for all ages and all skin types.

Are you still selling products right now during lockdown e.g. delivery service?  Yes, we are!   We are regularly sending clients their favourite products from all of our brands.  We are also sending lots of our award-winning Chamomile at Home Medik8 Facial – our exclusive box containing a full facial kit of 9 products, including 2 retail size products; and a “real time” video with our therapist, Emma, taking you through the facial step by step. It has proven to be our most popular lockdown product!

Why are facial serums and oils a must at this time of year?  Long winter months can be challenging for our skin. This is the time of the year when our skin needs additional products to help maintain a healthy appearance. Facial serums and oils give an additional booster to daily skin routine and help to protect skin.

What do serums do and why are they so important as part of our skincare regime? Serums are highly concentrated products that are absorbed by skin instantly, working on deeper levels of the skin. Oils are thicker, therefore are absorbed more slowly giving long lasting protection. They work as a barrier and provide much needed nourishment.

What are the benefits of facial oils?  Facial oils are great anti-ageing products.  They are rich in antioxidants and slow down the ageing process helping to repair some existing damage to the skin. Oils make the skin smooth and soft creating a beautiful glow. Many contain essential oils or botanical extracts helpful in targeting skin problems. Many also have a beautiful perfume making the application a luxury and pampering experience.

When would you recommend a serum over an oil and vice versa? Or would you always do both and layer?  Serums and oils should be used according to your skin’s needs. However, in winter for the maximum benefit and protection it is recommended to use both a serum and an oil.  Apply serum first, following with oil and finish with moisturiser.

How to select the best serum for your skin type? Personal skin concerns are the priority when selecting facial products.  Does your skin feel tight, look dull or maybe out of balance, have you noticed more spots/blemishes?  There is a huge variety of products to choose from therefore it is a good idea to speak with your facial therapist who can help you to choose the appropriate product.

A big thank you to all Chamomile clients for your ongoing support!