We are delighted to have been open now for around eight weeks and to have seen so many loyal clients return.  We are very grateful for your continued support.

I wanted to get in touch with you personally following feedback from many clients around our inability to offer facials at the current time.  Please be assured that this is purely due to the current Coronavirus restrictions.

I am aware that many clients, particularly those on courses with us, are very disappointed.  It is for that reason and to ensure absolute clarity that I would now like to share with you the feedback we have received directly from the Scottish Government on this issue:

‘……..  Health Protection Scotland have advised that face coverings are mandatory and should not be removed for or during treatments.’

 ‘The wearing of face coverings in retail settings is covered in legislation. Failure to wear a face covering is a criminal offence with the potential for a fixed penalty notice to be issued to the individual if the law is not adhered to.’

 ‘The Scottish Government is engaging with Environmental Health representatives from Local Authorities who are in turn engaging with businesses, including salons, on the guidelines and legislation.’

 It is clear from this why we are not able to offer facials.  It is also clear that clients are breaking the law and risk a fixed penalty should this law be broken.

As we are not yet able to give an indication of when facials can be resumed, and many clients were on courses which were pre-paid before any restrictions were imposed, we will be happy to offer a gift card for the balance of treatments not taken. Alternatively, the courses will be available for you to use once we can resume facials.

I hope the above helps to clarify our position.  Please be assured that as soon as we receive permission to resume facials then we will be delighted to do so immediately!

Thank you again for your continued support during these challenging times.  I look forward to welcoming you to Chamomile Sanctuary soon.

Justine x