My Holiday Prep Secrets: Jo Peck

Jo Peck, interiors expert and a regular contributor to the all-female power group that is EGG

Where is your dream summer holiday destination (and have you ever been)? Crazy dream holiday  some kind of Wild West, Texan ranch-type fantasy with my husband, where we learn to ride side-saddle, round-up cattle, drink cold beers on hay bales, wear giant cowboy hats and watch dusty sunsets. The key word here is FANTASY. Cowgirl dream aside, take me to pretty much anywhere in Italy and I’m in holiday heaven. The food, the language, the food, the wine, the food…. I’ve been lucky enough to holiday in several different parts of the country and loved them all. Whether it was a villa in Tuscany, surrounded by rolling hills, shady trees and with days spent taking long lazy strolls around little hilltop villages. Or Sicily and Sardinia, with their dramatic views, zesty lemony scents everywhere, and buzzing town squares filled with local families chattering and socialising into the night. But the ultimate Italian destination has to be Capri. I think the Capri Palace hotel is as fabulous as they come.

Where are you heading for this year and what are the challenges on your to-do list before you go? We’re heading back to Sardinia! It’s so beautiful, unspoilt and authentic. And did I mention the food?! The challenges before any holiday are trying to get organised before heading off, especially where the kids are concerned. I’d always like to leave for the airport calm, unflustered and smiling from ear to ear, but the reality is I’m usually barking instructions at everyone, doing a lot of eye-rolling and huffing and emptying the fridge while the taxi waits outside. We sometimes have family or friends staying in the house while we’re away, so making sure everything is ready for people while we’re gone is often what keeps me busy.

What’s your packing personality – a ‘bung it all in and hope for the best type” or are you ‘super organised and edited down to the last tee’ type? I can’t travel light. But I’m getting better at organising and editing my holiday wardrobes. I do try to plan outfits for the evenings and always take lots of accessories so that I can make the same outfit look a bit different if I wear it more than once. When it comes to packing for the kids, I’m a machine. Focussed, no faffing about, nothing surplus to requirements. There’s a system. And when we arrive at our destination, woe betide the child who first opens the suitcase to get something out and starts to RUMMAGE. I have been known to go berserk about this.

What beauty essentials do you pack in your suitcase? About from the obvious SPF, I always take dry shampoo on holiday and a leave-in conditioner for my hair, otherwise it goes very dry and frizzy in the heat. I like to take a gentle exfoliator for my face & body, plus a moisturising mask to use at least once while I’m away. I don’t wear any make up during the day in the heat because I’ll generally be splashing and jumping around with my kids. But I do like to wear make-up and get a bit glammed up in the evenings on holiday. Eyelash curlers are essential. And I’ll always pack a good tinted moisturiser in two shades, one for my arriving skin tone and one for my departing skin tone!

And what do you keep for your hand luggage? Lip balm, lipstick, mascara, and a CC cream with SPF. Instant face!

What is on your beauty treatment must-do list before you go on a summer holiday? I’m quite fair and, in the sun, my eyelashes go a bit ‘Boris Becker’ as I call it, so I always get an eyelash tint and eyebrow tint. Plus, the usual maintenance – waxing and a manicure and pedicure. If I’m feeling shockingly pasty I’ll get a spray tan, too, but I’ve had a few disasters on that front in the past, so I’m giving that a miss this year and trying to get outside in the lovely Scottish Sun instead before we jet off!

Oh and what will you be reading poolside? I’ve just ordered all these from Amazon – Warlight by Michael Ondaatje, Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng, How To Stop Time by Matt Haig, Where’d You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple and Old Baggage by Lissa Evans.