Justine’s CACI Catch Up

Justine reveals why CACI now, her own beauty secrets and how she feels about turning 50 (next year)

What has been your anti-ageing beauty routine up to now? I have always looked after my face with good, quality products and I think that makes a difference. At the moment I am using Guinot and have been doing so for many years now. I am currently using Hydra Cellulaire Serum, Longue Vie Cellulaire Moisturiser and Age Logic Yeux (Eye Cream). In the mornings I cleanse my face in the shower with a foaming cleanser, with Mousse Nettoyante Bioxygene. Then I apply my serum in the colder weather followed by the eye cream and moisturiser. In the warmer weather I do not use the serum which helps with dehydration. At night time I follow the same skin routine but instead of the foaming cleanser I use a cream cleanser, Lait Hydra Confort. I also drink lots of water every day and that definitely makes a difference too to your skin.

Why CACI now? I have noticed over the last year or so more fine lines and wrinkles appearing around my eyes, it’s not been particularly bad but noticeable to me. I think though what has really prompted me is the fact that I shall be 50 next year and I am now noticing that my jowl is starting to drop slightly and I have some lines around my mouth appearing too. I’m not at all happy about that and decided that I had to do something about this to slow down the ageing process. Effectively what CACI does is it directs a micro current onto the skin via probes. This in turn starts re-educating the muscles by getting them to move properly again thus firming and tightening the muscles and lifting. This helps with the jowl area and lines and wrinkles on your face. It’s not going to get rid of them but it softens them substantially and also slows down the ageing process. A 55mins CACI facial is the equivalent of doing 300 sit ups but on your face. How good does that sound??

What differences are you noticing? I have definitely noticed that my skin is firmer around the jowl area. My lines around my mouth are less pronounced too. I think If I didn’t have a good skin routine with my products then my skin would probably feel softer too.

What have you learned? Like everything in life, you have to put effort in to make something happen. In this case, it has been pretty difficult to make the time to fit the treatments in as they are 1 hour and 15 minutes long and you need to have two per week for five weeks before you go onto a monthly maintenance course. While I own Chamomile, it’s the usual story as with any person working or leading a busy life – it’s very difficult to find the time. In fact it’s all about making the time because if you really want something you will make the time. I would also add that the CACI definitely works. I have seen the difference and would highly recommend it to anyone who has ageing concerns if they don’t want to go down the botox and fillers route. The CACI was created to treat those suffering from Bells Palsy where your facial muscles drop and can “freeze”.

 What advice have you been given your facialist for optimising results after each treatment? Drink lots of water and follow my skincare routine.

Post course – what is the plan you’ve been advised about? Iga, my skincare expert in the Spa, has also recommended that I start having the Crystal Clear COMCIT to help with the texture and colour of my skin as well as plumping it up. Once the CACI initial course of 10 has finished I am going to have one CACI per week as opposed to the recommended 1 per month as I really want to keep tackling those jowls!! I am probably going to do that for a month then go onto the monthly maintenance. As Iga’s has said it’s like going to the gym, “you get what you put in”.