Justine’s Autumn Survival Guide

I often get asked by our clients what I use for my own skincare routine. As we are now into autumn I thought it would be quite good to give you a lowdown on what I use for my skin, both face and body, during the autumn and winter months. Let’s call it my survival guide!

In terms of my skincare, I always cleanse morning and evening as well as applying moisturiser and eye cream. The cleanser that I use is by Guinot and the one I currently use is Lait Hydra Sensitive Milk. As it says, it is for sensitive skin and it’s a lovely product to use on your face. It’s very kind and gentle and does not dry the face out. Guinot also do cleansers for oily skin, dry skin etc.

After I have cleansed and had a shower I would then, during the colder months, apply a serum to my face. I find that my face can be a little bit tight after I’ve had a shower so I use the serum to take that dryness off. The serum I’m using just now is Hydra Cellulaire by Guinot. Yes, I love my Guinot products!

Guinnot Peroducts at Chamomile Sanctuary

I have also been using a product recently by Medik8 called C-Tetra. We are looking at bringing in some new brands into the spa and this is one of the ones I’ve been looking at. This product contains vitamin C which is a great anti-oxidant serum. Vitamin C is amazing for your skin so I’ve been using this every morning instead of the other serum  for the past week or so. You just apply a few drops onto your face and neck. I have to say that my skin feels amazing after I have applied it.

That I move onto my moisturiser. Unsurprisingly this is another Guinot product and is Longue Vie Cream. That’s it’s official name and it is also known as Regenerating Youth Cream for the Face. As I have progressed through the years I have changed my products every so often. It’s like hair products, your hair gets used to certain products and you have to change from time to time. Similarly you find the same with skin creams. I love this product. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and supple. I also feel very well protected against the elements in the winter!

I then move onto my eye cream which I apply round the cheekbone and also the brow bone. I currently use Longue Vie Yeux cream. This is also known as the Lifting Youth Cream for Eyes. it’s great for lifting and moisturising as well as looking after those pesky wrinkles and lines.

CACI at Chamomile Sanctuary

So that’s my skin routine for the face in terms of products. I do also try and have regular facials especially during the winter months. I started having CACI and COMCIT facials regularly this year. CACI non-surgical facials are absolutely fab and perfect for you if you do not want to have any invasive treatments to your skin. Effectively the therapist will apply 2 probes to your face which have a microcurrent running through it. Your face is then lifted with the two probes. As you age you produce less elastin in your face and your face can begin to fall and droop unfortunately. CACI effectively re-educates your muscles by moving them again and lifting and toning your face. A one hour CACI is really the face equivalent of doing 300 sit ups on your tummy! As well as lifting and toning, CACI also helps with fine lines and wrinkles.

COMCIT at Chamomile Sanctuary

The COMCIT Frozen facial is also a great anti-ageing facial to have. Cryo-oxygen is pumped onto your face to cool it down, as well as helping with the production of collagen. We then use a roller which has lots of little needles attached to it and this is applied to your face. This is called micro channelling. The micro channelling will create punctures in your face (which you don’t feel) and at the same time there is an infusion pushed into your face. For the frozen facial and for anti-ageing purposes, hyaluronic acid is normally used for the infusion. Thereafter, more oxygen is pumped onto your face to push the product in more. Lastly either a lifting or repair mask is applied to your skin and this also brings down any redness. This facial is great for lifting especially round the cheekbones as well as producing a wonderful texture to your skin and softening lines and wrinkles. The facial is also great for a sun damage, blemishes, acne etc.

In terms of my body, my skin can get very dry during the winter so I use on a regular basis Rose Body Cream by Aromatherapy Associates. I just love this! It rehydrates my skin as well as leaving it lovely and soft and has a lovely rose smell to it as well. It’s very kind to the skin. I also add into the mix the Rose Body Wash by Aromatherapy Associates. Again it’s a lovely softening product and great for using in the shower.

And I guess the only other thing I would throw into my survival guide for autumn are my nails! I always love having a polish on my nails and my favourite polish at the moment is The Gel Bottle polish. We introduced this into the spa last year and our clients seem to love it! It’s vegan,which is a plus before you even apply it to your nails and they have such a wide range of colours it’s fantastic. I’ve just had Deepest Mauve applied and it’s a great colour for the autumn. The gel bottle also have lots of russets, reds and dark colours for the winter. We also offer shellac and vinylux and these are also very popular.

So I think that’s it for my survival guide for the autumn. Good luck! 😊❤️