Have you been hearing the word ‘Retinol’ a lot more?

Retinol, sometimes referred to as Vitamin A, has become a popular buzzword in skincare.

Clients are now enjoying the benefits of including a Retinol product in their every-day skin care routine.  However, this ingredient is powerful and must be used sparingly.

As everyone’s skin is different, we’d advise getting advice on what’s right for you from your qualified Chamomile therapist.

A bit of background

Vitamin A was first used in Ancient Egypt when it was discovered that liver is a rich form of Vitamin A and was used to treat visual impairments at that time.

We jump to the 1960s, when doctors were using Vitamin A and retinol topically to treat dry skin conditions such as dermatitis.

In 1969, doctors and scientists were using topical Vitamin A to treat acne. Back then it was known as Roactuane or Acutane.

By 1974 those who had been using the product realised they were having anti-ageing benefits as well and other symptoms such as scarring were healing more quickly. Doctors then started marketing it as an anti-ageing product.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A has been hailed as the gold standard in anti-ageing for over 40 years and there are many reasons why. It supports the collagen that is already in the skin and therefore encourages your skin to create new collagen all the time. Your skin unfortunately stops creating as much new collagen as you get older, the process slows down naturally.

Skin cell turnover also takes much longer.  By our 30s that process is much slower than when you were 5 or 6. That’s why young children always have such great skin – their skin is renewing at such a rate that there’s not enough time for blemishes or lines to form on the skin.

Because of the resurfacing factor, Vitamin A is good for everyone – even those with sensitive skin. Anything you see on the surface of your skin whether blemishes, fine lines or clogged pores, when applied to the skin, it brings fresh skin to the surface.  It is also a natural exfoliator.  That’s why it’s great for all of us and referred to as a miracle product.  It really does everything!


This is one of the gentler forms of Vitamin A and benefits are slightly slower to see.  Retinol prohibits the production of excess melanin, so the skin keeps an even skin tone preventing pigmentation.   Retinol is the perfect first addition to your daily skincare.

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