My Holiday Prep Secrets: Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray, owner of Edinburgh boutique Jane Davidson and advisor at plans her pre-holiday treatments with precision and shares her travel beauty must-haves

 Where is your dream summer holiday destination? I would love to go to one of those far flung islands where the houses are on stilts above the ocean. I loved Vietnam but you can’t beat the West of Scotland for keeping it real. Always pack a rain poncho and wellies thoug

Where are you heading for this year and what are the challenges on your to-do list before you go? This year we are off to the South of France and Mallorca. It’s always a challenge getting away! Four suitcases to pack and a business to organise….plus two guinea pigs to home!

What’s your packing personality – a ‘bung it all in and hope for the best type” or are you ‘super-organised and edited down to the last tee’ type? As I demonstrated recently at the Chamomile summer party I roll my clothes instead of folding them. This created more room and cuts down on creasing. When I get to my destination a quick steam in the shower sorts any remaining creases…. the key thing for me is to travel lightly, particularly with footwear. Three pairs is always enough!

What beauty essentials do you pack in your suitcase? Cleansers/ toner moisturiser and face oil. Sun cream…..I burn easily and fake tan to top up with. Tom Ford shimmering body oil (a pressie from my sister-in-law)

And what do you keep for your hand luggage? The kids’ iPads and my Kindle. My new hand luggage this year comes from Rae Feather. Oh and I always carry a mini fan that plugs into my phone (from Amazon)

What is on your beauty treatment must-do list before you go on a summer holiday? Loads of things….all planned with military precision! Shellac nails and toes probably with lobster roll, brows and lashes tinted. Waxing and a spray tan.

Oh and what will you be reading poolside? Inside Vogue by Alexandra Schulman, This is going to hurt by Adam Kay and At Liberty: From rehab to front row by Ed Burstell.