Men of all ages can benefit from regular treatments. At Chamomile Sanctuary all of our treatments are effective for both men and women, however, there are a few which we would especially recommend for men.

What treatments do we offer?

Facials: For those who are uncertain of where to start, we would recommend trying a facial as a first treatment. A facial is relaxing and created especially for each individual client based on their mood when they arrive and after consultation with their therapist. Our Deep Cleansing Facial by Aromatherapy Associates has been specifically designed for men.

Massage: The benefits of massage are widely known. Everyone has experienced the odd nagging muscular twinge or severe stress-pains and tension which may disturb sleep. A good massage will deliver instant relief and leave you feeling relaxed. Your therapist will help you select the right oils for you on the day of your appointment.

Manicures: a manicure is not just the female domain! Everyone’s hands need a little TLC. Our treatment menu includes an express and mini manicure which will leave even the toughest executive looking completely polished.

Appointments are available on Monday evenings from 5pm.