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Skin Solutions Facial

Price: £65.00

Duration 50 mins


Product Description

This is a treatment to tone, refresh and revitalize, leaving the complexion bright and radiant.
Refine and freshen oily and combination skin with this balancing facial based on essential oil of neroli and orange flower water.

Distilled from the white flowers of sweet orange trees, orange flower water helps calm irritated or inflamed skin. In this treatment it is used alongside ylang ylang, to help regulate sebum production and antibacterial lavender and tea tree. Skin is cleansed, exfoliated and then a deep cleansing mask is used to remineralise the skin leaving it looking clean, refreshed and revitalised.

A facial massage using traditional aromatherapy massage pressure points eases tension and helps tone the muscles. A scalp massage using an inhalation of Frankincense and an arm and hand massage complete this relaxing facial. Especially popular with men.

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