Pre-Wedding Day Facials: Make flawless skin a reality on your big day

Your big day – it’s the one day of your life when you want your skin to be immaculate, plumped up and glowing. The answer? A pre-wedding facial or an individually created program of facials is exactly what you need. Not only will you be investing in beautiful wedding day skin but it also gives busy brides that time to switch off from the stress of it all. Chamomile expert facialist Iga says: “Brides-to-be, of all ages, come in and the thing they after most is radiance. They also want to tackle issues such as dehydration or sagginess. They dream of firm, tight and radiant skin for their wedding.”

Six weeks before the event or even a month is the perfect amount of time, Iga believes, for giving brides what they want in her carefully created bespoke treatment plans: “With sagginess a woman really needs a course of CACI treatments, as these facials make the facial muscles do the equivalent of 300 sit-ups. And with Crystal Clear COMCIT facials I can bring in the radiance. I believe in tailoring a uniquely prescribed plan for every client.”

In the last seven days before the big day Iga suggests that it’s also the mind that needs a lift: “In that last week, when there is so much going on, a bride should come in for a lovely hydrating facial that won’t irritate skin. I can bring a little CACI or COMCIT into it for little extra lift but that needs to be at least five days before. That last facial is all about calming, radiance and hydration. I really don’t recommend trying anything new or harsh.”

It’s not all about the facials. At home Iga says brides can be enhancing the treatment plan with lots of water and sleep. Her biggest tip though” “Don’t be tempted by anything new on a trip to the pharmacy in that last week. If your skin reacts seven days is just not long enough to counteract that. But by all means use trusted masks and serums at home to boost what has been achieved through the treatments.”



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