Meet Your Therapist: Sophie, beauty therapist at Chamomile Sanctuary

Areas of expertise are Eyelashes & Nails

What are your favourite parts of your job? Meeting new people, seeing that big smile when they see their new look, exceeding peoples’ expectations and when a client feels so relaxed and comfy during a lashes treatment that they take a little ‘lash nap’, as I call it.  As a therapist you are not only there to do treatments but you are a friendly face for each client. What really makes my job so special is that the clients really can open up and talk to me about a lot of things – not just your usual ‘how’s the weather?’ or ‘you have any holidays planned?’. Clients have really trusted me with a lot of personal things going on in their lives, some very intense and some not so but I love this aspect of my job. Also, I love just really making someone feel so special and cared for.

The beauty product I love is…The lash and brow conditioning serum from Nouveau. It’s a lovely product that really compliments a lash treatment. Just like you would apply cuticle oil once you’ve had your nails done, you should use a lash conditioner. Even clients that only wear mascara should 100% be using it as it is a great primer before mascara.

How does it work? It contains multi-vitamins and conditioning that provide an instantly conditioned look while powerful anti-oxidants help protect lashes and brows from everyday environmental pollutants. Use twice a day – morning and night. Clients, even those with sensitive eyes as it is hypoallergenic, love it.

As for nails, what are your three favourite nail colours right now…Oxblood, Romantique and Tartan Punk

And your clients are adoring…Strawberry Smoothie, Lobster Roll and Blush Teddy

What would be your treatment of the week be if you were able to enjoy one right now? It would have to be the LVL at the moment as it’s really amazing and the results speak for themselves.

Finally, what’s the best beauty tip you’ve learned and would like to pass onto your clients? Firstly, to all of my lovely lash ladies (alliteration intended), you may think this is rather strange (and it does sound it) blow-dry your lashes on a low heat. This fluffs out your fans/false lashes and makes them look lovely. The natural oils from your skin can make your fans close so washing and blow-drying them helps. Second, always use cuticle oil, twice a day if you can. It keeps them hydrated and healthy. If you feel your nails aren’t looking the best it’s not because the nail can’t breathe. The nail is made of of dead cells – they don’t need to breathe. You don’t need a break from being ‘done’ just look after them. If they do begin to feel thin due to over-filing/buffing then have two weeks with no polish and apply RX Rescue Rememdy by CND. Oh and when applying cuticle oil make sure to rub it all around the nail not just at the end.