Guinot Courses – September

Guinot at Chamomile Sanctuary

Rejuvenate & Rehydrate your Skin

Skin feeling a bit dry after time in the sun?  Then now is the perfect time to treat yourself to one of our fabulous Facial Courses.

During September, all of our Guinot Courses are on offer:

                                                          Course of 3

Hydraclean                                                   £90     (was £75)

“Deep Cleansing Facial”


Hydradermie Youth                                       £215   (was £185)

“Advanced Rejuvenating Treatment”


Hydradermie Youth Age Logic                      £240   (was £205)

“Anti-ageing Star Treatment”


Eye Logic                                                       £160   (was £135)

“Instant Eye Repair Treatment”


Hydra Peeling                                               £215  (was  £185)

“Radiance Peeling Treatment”


Liftosome                                                       £170   (was £145)

“Rejuvenating Lifting Treatment”


                                                           Course of 6


Hydradermie Lift                                           £385   (was £330)

“Advanced Lifting Treatment”


Hydradermie Lift Express                              £290   (was £250)

“Express Treatment”


All offers are not to be used in conjunction with any other offers or gift cards and valid until 30 September 2018. Courses must be purchased in September but can be used thereafter.

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