Restoring your energy flow can be achieved through any of these two treatments.

Other treatments can also evoke this feeling - please just call us to discuss your options on 0131 220 1000 or look through the extensive range on our treatments page.

Aromatherapy Associates Uplift Your Mood Body Massage
55 mins £65
A truly indulgent and emotionally pampering ritual to harmonise and rejuvenate.

This is a complete experience that works on all the senses to boost your emotional wellbeing, whilst treating the body to some nurturing hands-on therapy. A pressure point massage with uplifting oils of geranium, frankincense and rose encourage feelings of inner harmony working on your outer radiance.

For times when you need a little emotional pampering, this indulgent treatment helps to harmonise and rejuvenate the spirits.

Aromatherapy Associates Detox and Revive Scrub & Wrap
55 mins £65
Feel fresh and alive with this detoxifying treatment.

The perfect pick-me-up for when you’re feeling sluggish or lethargic with out-of-condition skin, this treatment combines sweet zesty pink grapefruit, fresh green rosemary and rich, woody juniper berry for a strengthening, detoxifying effect. Exfoliation with finely ground olive grains refines the pores and reveals fresh, new skin then while you are enveloped in layers of gels and oils a stimulating foot reflex pressure massage encourages the release and elimination of toxins.

Leaves you feeling invigorated and full of energy.