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Fuzz Free

10th February 2018

Threadig at Chamomile sanctuary

So some of you may remember I was looking at waxing a few weeks ago in my Blog and was raising the question – To wax or not to wax? I was essentially looking at the fact that more women nowadays are choosing to keep their body hair. Which leads me nicely to my topic this week – If you do want to be defuzzed what is the best method?

There are so many methods to choose from. You can take your pick from waxing, threading, IPL, Laser, plucking, shaving, depilatories and no doubt there are many more I don’t know about! I used to use depilatories when I hit my late teens and into my early twenties and it was fine apart from the smell. Remember girls that was a long time ago and science has moved on considerably! However, I decided to move into waxing in my early twenties and life was never the same again.

I can still remember that day when I had my bikini line waxed for the first time. There was no hot wax then or if there was I didn’t know about it! It was strip waxing with warm wax and I would have thought that if you’re like me once you’ve had hot wax on that area there is no turning back to warm wax with strips!!

Anyway, as I said I can still remember that first time. It was at a little beauty boutique on Thistle Street called Camargue run by a lovely lady called Bobby. Sadly Bobby is no longer with us but I remember her fondly. She was a real character and because of that I kept on going back. She also made it as painless as possible! The bizarre thing was though that on that first time all I did was laugh!! Yup, laugh. I think it was probably a nervous laugh but I definitely remember that.

Fast forward over 20 years and we now have the choice of hot wax which is definitely a lot less painful than warm wax. We use Lycon Wax and I think it’s the best on the market. It’s applied easily and you barely feel anything. The only downside though with waxing is that you need to repeat this every 6-8 weeks. Your body hair can reduce over the years if you do this on a regular basis but there’s no guarantee so you’ve got the upkeep going forward.

A more long term solution is IPL Therapy which stands for Intense Pulse Light. We’ve just invested in a new IPL machine so the girls were training on this this week. You need to do a course of this every 5-6 weeks and probably have about 6 to 12 sessions. The beauty about IPL is that it does actually reduce your body hair. It doesn’t remove forever but it certainly reduces the growth of the hair significantly. It is known for being safe, painless and an effective permanent hair reduction method.

You can also choose to have threading. This is used normally on the face and especially the eyebrows. This method is becoming more and more popular as it’s very precise. Threading comes from Asia and involves cotton thread being doubled, twisted and rolled across unwanted hairs to swiftly remove them at the follicle. No heat or chemicals are used so it is seen as being more gentle on your skin. However, like waxing this is not a permanent solution and you need to have this regularly. Threading your eyebrows can however have a beautiful and striking look. We have a client who comes into the Spa regularly and who is also a friend of mine and several years ago she had been going somewhere else for her eyebrow shaping. I can’t remember what she was getting done but they looked like caterpillars! So one day we had a chat because I couldn’t bear it any more and I managed to persuade her to come into the spa and we would help her grow her eyebrows and shape them. She’s now a regular for eyebrow threading and I am so jealous of her brows. They look amazing! You don’t get that with waxing. They’ll still look great with waxing but threading beats it in my opinion.

There’s other methods too such as shaving but this doesn’t reduce growth at all and doesn’t take the hairs out like waxing. You can also pluck the stray hairs which I do with my brows from time to time. So what’s best? Well I guess that comes down to you and what you feel most comfortable with. And of course you may decide that you like your hair and fuzz free is not for you!



Turning 50

24th January 2018

I read an Article this week in Vogue by contributing beauty editor, Kathleen Baird-Murray and it resonated with me on various levels. It was about turning 50! Now I’m not yet 50 and have a little way to go until I get there but hey it’s in my head and sadly I’m closer to that than I am to 40!!

The Article, bizarrely, started with Kathleen saying that as this time of the year she normally talks about resolutions such as get fit, lose weight, spend less etc but this year as she is about to turn 50 it’s different. I say “bizarrely” because in my Blog last week I said I wasn’t going to make any resolutions this year either but I would have the mantra ”don’t look back” and I guess the reason for this mantra is for similar reasons to Kathleen. We are reflecting on where we are in our lives and looking forward.

What I loved in Kathleen’s article is that she talked about how at a female-only 50th birthday party she noticed that everyone looked amazing, not so much “for their age” but they just looked “good”. I think we all get a comment at some point about how we are looking great for our age. Why do people have to add that “for our age”?? Why can’t they say we look great, full stop?!

The lovely thing about Kathleen’s article was that she was talking about how her friends were off learning new things such as how to tango, how to surf, becoming experts on IPL, lifted boobs (if that’s your thing) but more importantly they were becoming wiser and more wonderful every day that passes. I like that. That’s the way it should be. I think as we get older, yes, we may have more worries, or we may not, but we are more comfortable in our skin, how we feel, how we look and more comfortable with life. I’ve been through a lot in my life, and many of us have, but I think that I am also getting to that place where I am finally getting into my stride, relishing what’s important and doing things because I want to do them, not because I think I should. So that’s why I am setting myself goals this year. I’m going to run my second ever half marathon, go to hot yoga classes and start that CACI Facial Course – all because I want to, not because I should. And I know I am not talking in this Blog about beauty trends this week but if you feel good, you generally look good and beauty starts from the inside so it really is about beauty.

I will leave you with the final paragraph from Kathleen’s article which made me smile: “Fired up with enthusiasm, I book myself into a fancy Swiss spa for later this month, a place where I can get a full medical check-up. Best to be informed about an potential ailments before I embark on such a serious course of self-improvement. And I tell my 18-year-old son that I’m off to Switzerland so I can write a column about turning 50. 

“Switzerland,” he says, glued to a screen as he researches different crypto-currencies to invest in. (#millennials). “The home of tax havens and euthanasia. Just what every 50-year- old needs.””


Getting Healthy

4th August 2017

It’s all about health for me this month. I’m off skiing soon and I haven’t skied for over 20 years!!!! Yup, I must be mad. I’ve not even had 1 ski lesson before disappearing off to the slopes. In a moment of madness my best buddy suggested last year that we go on a skiing break with our 2 boys who have been learning to ski. It sounded a great idea at the time but as it now looms I’m thinking I’m 46, getting old, the joints are creaking, I’ve not skied for over 20 years and can I fit into those ski pants?!!

So I thought I had better do something about this or I will be hobbling off the slopes and not able to move the next morning!! Step up my good friend, Lynn, who is also a personal trainer! So Lynn has been helping me over the past few weeks to get fit or at least a little bit fitter so I don’t collapse after a day on the slopes. She’s had me pummelling the pavements with 5 milers (Lynn will say it’s only 4 miles J) as well as getting those abs and thighs going. And boy is it hard work but I tell you one thing I certainly feel better after the exercise. There’s something about running with fresh air and those endorphins buzzing around your body. It’s great for the mind and soul. It’s actually got me thinking about doing another half marathon. I ran my one and only half marathon in 2014 and I think it’s about time I set myself another challenge!! Although the skiing is a challenge in itself!

Then there’s the juices. I’ve started drinking cold pressed juices and it seems to be the way to go at the moment for fresh nutrients. I have tried various things such as the Nutri Bullet but I am now convinced that cold pressed juices is the way forward. Without going into the actual process, basically the blades which compress the fruit/vegetables move a lot slower, create less heat and retain most of the nutri goodness. It means that you don’t get the fruit turning into sugar and losing its’ goodness once it becomes a juice. Even Grazia gave this method of juice making a great write up last week.

I have been so impressed that I invited Health & Beauty Juicery to join us at Chamomile yesterday. This company is from Edinburgh and I love the juices because they are free from sugar and is all natural. Each 500ml bottle has over 1 kilo of organic produce and the juices are free from refined sugar, preservatives and additives. Some of the benefits of consuming cold-pressed juices include glowing skin, bright eyes, strong hair & nails and a resilient immune system. So as you can imagine I am hooked with these sort of benefits!!!

And the underlying thought for me when I’m drinking these fab juices and pummelling the pavements is that it’s all about health and


Stick your neck out again

14th May 2017

So I wrote a Blog about a year ago on looking after your neck. Yes, that area which we forget about but which we shouldn’t as it is just as important as your face! Well this subject seems to keep rearing its head time and time again.

I don’t know about you but I spend a lot of time on my face, well, perhaps not as much as I should but I always follow my routine every morning and night: cleanse, serum, moisturiser and eye cream. You’re probably wondering where the toning is? Well despite being nagged by my therapists on a weekly basis to tone I never quite get round to that!

So I look after my face and hate wrinkles with a vengeance but what about my neck and décolletage? That’s where I fall down badly and need to rectify.

According to Grazia this week you’re doing yourself no favours if your skincare stops at your chin.  Our neck and décolletage are super vulnerable to ageing as the skin there is very thin. It also has fewer oil glands than your face and is almost constantly exposed to the environment.

So what did Grazia recommend to help with this? Well for starters they suggest that we use an SPF religiously, then slather on neck cream/serum and lastly sleep on your back. Now I can vouch for why you should do this. Sleeping on your side does cause creasing – I know!! The problem is that as much as I try I just can’t sleep on my back.

So these are the preventative measures recommended by my coveted Grazia, but what else can we do to stop this ageing process??

Well first up is stretch your neck! Specialists are now recommending that we stretch our necks every day. It sounds maybe a bit mad but, if you think about it, it makes sense. The specialists recommend that every day we turn our head to one side as far as possible and look up to the ceiling, hold for 10 seconds and then do the other side. Now I have a 74 year old Aunt who has, since I can remember, done stretch exercises with her face. Every morning she repeatedly moves her jawline, mouth, eyes and neck and I can tell you she looks amazing for her age. She looks about 60 and that’s not just down to genes! So I think this works!

The specialists have also recommended botox in the bands of the muscles of the neck to relax them and stop them becoming rigid. Now we don’t do botox but we do have Dr Connolly who visits us every week from the Harley Street Private Clinic so if you fancied it you could do it at Chamomile. Personally I have never tried botox and am not really inclined.  I prefer my CACI Non-surgical facelift and jowl lift! It works wonders on the neckline and I think it’s fab. This treatment is non-invasive and is a favourite with our clients. Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston are fans of this treatment. I know botox is still favoured by the stars as well as neck cosmetic surgery procedures but there is now a big movement away from this towards the more non-invasive procedures such as the CACI. If you haven’t tried this then you should pop in for a complimentary trial. You will see the difference.

And if you’re feeling flush you should try the Luxury CACI Treatment. It comprises the non-surgical facelift, microdermabrasion, hydratone mask and wrinkle comb. The latter does what it says it does. I know as I have had this treatment. The therapist applies the comb to individual wrinkles and I can tell you it works. I have fine line/wrinkles now appearing at the side of my mouth and for days after this treatment I couldn’t see them. As for the hydratone mask….well…..I cannot praise it enough. This is applied to the face and décolletage. It was like a miracle the morning after this mask. No wrinkles.  All gone!! My upper chest was glowing and so, so smooth. I felt like I had gone back 10 years in time. Now this effect may have lasted for a week so I will have to get it done on a regular basis but I am a convert!!!

So there you go ladies, some tips for looking after that neck.


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