Getting healthy….

Justine from Chamomile Sanctuary
It’s all about health for me this month. I’m off skiing soon and I haven’t skied for over 20 years!!!! Yup, I must be mad. I’ve not even had 1 ski lesson before disappearing off to the slopes. In a moment of madness my best buddy suggested last year that we go on a skiing break with our 2 boys who have been learning to ski. It sounded a great idea at the time but as it now looms I’m thinking I’m 46, getting old, the joints are creaking, I’ve not skied for over 20 years and can I fit into those ski pants?!!

So I thought I had better do something about this or I will be hobbling off the slopes and not able to move the next morning!! Step up my good friend, Lynn, who is also a personal trainer! So Lynn has been helping me over the past few weeks to get fit or at least a little bit fitter so I don’t collapse after a day on the slopes. She’s had me pummelling the pavements with 5 milers (Lynn will say it’s only 4 miles J) as well as getting those abs and thighs going. And boy is it hard work but I tell you one thing I certainly feel better after the exercise. There’s something about running with fresh air and those endorphins buzzing around your body. It’s great for the mind and soul. It’s actually got me thinking about doing another half marathon. I ran my one and only half marathon in 2014 and I think it’s about time I set myself another challenge!! Although the skiing is a challenge in itself!

Then there’s the juices. I’ve started drinking cold pressed juices and it seems to be the way to go at the moment for fresh nutrients. I have tried various things such as the Nutri Bullet but I am now convinced that cold pressed juices is the way forward. Without going into the actual process, basically the blades which compress the fruit/vegetables move a lot slower, create less heat and retain most of the nutri goodness. It means that you don’t get the fruit turning into sugar and losing its’ goodness once it becomes a juice. Even Grazia gave this method of juice making a great write up last week.

Health at Chamomile SanctuaryI have been so impressed that I invited Health & Beauty Juicery to join us at Chamomile yesterday. This company is from Edinburgh and I love the juices because they are free from sugar and is all natural. Each 500ml bottle has over 1 kilo of organic produce and the juices are free from refined sugar, preservatives and additives. Some of the benefits of consuming cold-pressed juices include glowing skin, bright eyes, strong hair & nails and a resilient immune system. So as you can imagine I am hooked with these sort of benefits!!!

And the underlying thought for me when I’m drinking these fab juices and pummelling the pavements is that it’s all about health and beauty. As they say, it’s all about what lies within….

Stick you neck out…..again


Neck at Chamomile sanctuary

So I wrote a Blog about a year ago on looking after your neck. Yes, that area which we forget about but which we shouldn’t as it is just as important as your face! Well this subject seems to keep rearing its head time and time again.

I don’t know about you but I spend a lot of time on my face, well, perhaps not as much as I should but I always follow my routine every morning and night: cleanse, serum, moisturiser and eye cream. You’re probably wondering where the toning is? Well despite being nagged by my therapists on a weekly basis to tone I never quite get round to that!

So I look after my face and hate wrinkles with a vengeance but what about my neck and décolletage? That’s where I fall down badly and need to rectify.

According to Grazia this week you’re doing yourself no favours if your skincare stops at your chin.  Our neck and décolletage are super vulnerable to ageing as the skin there is very thin. It also has fewer oil glands than your face and is almost constantly exposed to the environment.

So what did Grazia recommend to help with this? Well for starters they suggest that we use an SPF religiously, then slather on neck cream/serum and lastly sleep on your back. Now I can vouch for why you should do this. Sleeping on your side does cause creasing – I know!! The problem is that as much as I try I just can’t sleep on my back.

So these are the preventative measures recommended by my coveted Grazia, but what else can we do to stop this ageing process??

Well first up is stretch your neck! Specialists are now recommending that we stretch our necks every day. It sounds maybe a bit mad but, if you think about it, it makes sense. The specialists recommend that every day we turn our head to one side as far as possible and look up to the ceiling, hold for 10 seconds and then do the other side. Now I have a 74 year old Aunt who has, since I can remember, done stretch exercises with her face. Every morning she repeatedly moves her jawline, mouth, eyes and neck and I can tell you she looks amazing for her age. She looks about 60 and that’s not just down to genes! So I think this works!

The specialists have also recommended botox in the bands of the muscles of the neck to relax them and stop them becoming rigid. Now we don’t do botox but we do have Dr Connolly who visits us every week from the Harley Street Private Clinic so if you fancied it you could do it at Chamomile. Personally I have never tried botox and am not really inclined.  I prefer my CACI Non-surgical facelift and jowl lift! It works wonders on the neckline and I think it’s fab. This treatment is non-invasive and is a favourite with our clients. Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston are fans of this treatment. I know botox is still favoured by the stars as well as neck cosmetic surgery procedures but there is now a big movement away from this towards the more non-invasive procedures such as the CACI. If you haven’t tried this then you should pop in for a complimentary trial. You will see the difference.

CACI at Chamomile SanctuaryAnd if you’re feeling flush you should try the Luxury CACI Treatment. It comprises the non-surgical facelift, microdermabrasion, hydratone mask and wrinkle comb. The latter does what it says it does. I know as I have had this treatment. The therapist applies the comb to individual wrinkles and I can tell you it works. I have fine line/wrinkles now appearing at the side of my mouth and for days after this treatment I couldn’t see them. As for the hydratone mask….well…..I cannot praise it enough. This is applied to the face and décolletage. It was like a miracle the morning after this mask. No wrinkles.  All gone!! My upper chest was glowing and so, so smooth. I felt like I had gone back 10 years in time. Now this effect may have lasted for a week so I will have to get it done on a regular basis but I am a convert!!!

So there you go ladies, some tips for looking after that neck.

Shaken or plumped


Cocktails at Chamomile sanctuaryWell you know how 007 likes his martinis “shaken, not stirred”, well I may be going for “shaken or plumped.”!!

What on earth am I talking about I hear you say? Collagen cocktails! Why, have you not heard of them?? Well neither had I until I started reading about them in the Weekend Financial Times. Yes, you may think a strange place to read about collagen cocktails but they do seem to be ahead of the times – pardon the pun, that wasn’t intended!

So what’s this all about? Well if you’re in my age range ie over 40, then your collagen production will be slowing down and indeed once you hit 50 – I have that joy to look forward to – the body’s collagen producers are working to rule! Wonderful! So what can we do to help matters and resist nature? Well in come the collagen cocktails.

Mad cow at Chamomile SanctuaryApparently, in London, and other places, clients are being offered collagen cocktails when they are having their skin plumping facials. It’s hard enough to get your skin to allow the collagen to penetrate by virtue of a face cream so some individuals in their wisdom have started plying us with these cocktails. Now I haven’t tried collagen so please excuse me on any reviews but apparently collagen tastes disgusting so the wonderful beauty companies have come up with powders to make it easier to drink. A company called Askinology is using a powder from cow skin. It sounds strange but makes it taste fab – apparently. However, the most cynical of us beware – on the manufacturer’s website it says 3 things – don’t exceed the stated dose, drink at night and it comes from German cows that are free of BSE!!! Now the latter makes me very nervous – is this suggesting that in theory this drink could give you mad cow disease???

So as I have said I have not tried this new cocktail but I am intrigued. Even Holland & Barrett have joined in. Last month they started selling shots of marine collagen or at least some concoction of it. Before it went on sale there was a waiting list of 10,000 people. They must know something I don’t’!!

The medics amongst us say that these concoctions don’t work as it is virtually impossible for collagen to get into our intestines and even if it did the quantities would be too small to have any effect on you. There has been one study though that claims that it might work if tiny fragments of collagen make it into your blood stream. This could trick your body into thinking that it has had some form of accident and might crank up the protein. Who knows though! As they say beauty always has an element of hope attached to it!

Last but not least, if you don’t want to try these concoctions then why not try some pig’s trotter?? Yes, you read correctly. Eating a boiled pig’s trotter or applying a face-pack of raw chicken skin can apparently do the trick instead!  Well even if it doesn’t it is very fashionable. I can just hear you all rushing out to get your pig’s trotters!! Or you could even try bone broth or bone tea. No, frankly it’s not appealing to me but let me know if you try it…..


Smooth talking


Waxing at Chamomile SanctaurySo during my weekly perusal of Grazia and Hello I came across an article, which made me think, hey I’m way ahead of you!!

What am I talking about? Well I have just read an article in Hello magazine called “Smooth talking” and you guessed it, it’s about waxing, shaving and whether we should wax or leave it “au naturel”! It would seem that with Miley Cyrus, Scout Willis, Madonna and others bearing hairy armpits we are looking at this chestnut again. Well I must be ahead of the game as little old me wrote a blog on this last summer entitled “Bush Babies” and here it is again given that this seems to be so prevalent again!!:

“We’re entering into that time of year when we show off our legs and wear bikinis on our holidays. So what’s your stance on waxing down below?!

I have just been reading an article on waxing down under or as it was so nicely put, looking after your “lady garden”.  What an expression! Does anyone actually say this?! Anyway, the chat was all very Shakespearean – to wax or not to wax?

Apparently the au naturel look is making a comeback in our “lady garden”. Gwyneth Paltrow was the first celebrity last year to come out and declare her love for au naturel. However, she did that for a very different reason – she wanted people to think she was down to earth and healthy as well as sexy as opposed to the control freak and perfectionist she is actually known for. So is anyone else doing this ie being a bush baby? Sorry for the pun but I think that’s the best term I have discovered so far!

Well, it would appear that the bush baby is becoming the norm across the Pond. There has been a notable decline in the West Village in New York for Brazilians (the waxing, not the desire for Brazilian men!). According to one leading spa owner this is due to the “eco- and health-minded clientele”. So it would seem that the reason for the fall in bikini waxing etc is the reassertion of the natural women. I wonder though whether it is also due to women feeling more confident in themselves and feeling they no longer have to conform to society and what their man wants? Surely our man would love us either way? Don’t shoot me for that rhetorical question!

Indeed some more research on this side of the water has shown that women are still going for waxing for holidays etc but they are not surrendering themselves to being pebble-smooth downstairs. They want to test the water with their man, which is what I had concluded. They want to test their man and gauge his response. Is this mad talking like this? Well, no, as what you do downstairs reveals volumes about you. Going back to the bush or not being as minimal is all about power and women feeling sexy again. Take a woman who is self conscious about her body and worrying about what her man will think and she is not sexy, is she? But take a woman in control of her body and not having to meet demands and she feels sexy, right?

Now, I’m not advocating that we should all do what the Americans are apparently doing and stop waxing, as each to their own, but I think we should all now start thinking of what we want down there and not what our man wants.  Do we want to feel like a prepped chicken and honestly there have been times when I have felt like this, which in turn has left me feeling very unwomanly, or do we want to feel sexy, in control and healthy?

I will leave you with this thought – American Apparel stores have added pubic hair to their mannequins – yes, you read correctly! Apparently it shows off their mesh lingerie better!”

Waxing at Chamomile Sanctuary

So that was my Blog from last summer and the issue does not seem to have gone away.

If you do still fancy ladies tidying up downstairs then I would recommend waxing or IPL. I have not tried IPL but we do have a lot of ladies who do have this and swear by it. It basically reduces hair growth. It cannot guarantee total removal with it not coming back but it does work wonders. I have been waxing for years and having now got over the initial pain barrier am more than happy to subject myself to a brazilian every 6 weeks or so. And if you don’t fancy either of these you can always try DIY with a depilatory cream. These creams have come a long way from years ago when they were really smelly and messy. And you can always try a razor for your underarms or legs. Just make sure that you change your razor regularly or you will end up with stubble!


Blog is back….

So I’ve been been really bad with my Blog for months. So many things have been going on in my life that I’ve let this go. You know what it’s like, you get swamped both emotionally and mentally and you feel like a duck paddling away furiously but above the water you try and give that feeling of calm to everyone?! Well, I’ve been trying to do that for months and eventually got to the stage of deciding that instead of having my energy drained I had to do something and do something I have! I’ve taken each individual problem and tackled it head on. It’s been really hard and emotionally draining at times but I feel so much better for it. I’m now in a place I haven’t been for months. This time I am not paddling furiously under the water but getting up in the morning refreshed and being grateful for what I have and feeling happy again.

So it’s back to blogging…….and I am catching up on my Grazias today with a coffee in the garden. Well it’s not raining so that’s good enough for me to sit outside!!

Scalp facial at Chamomile SanctuaryAnyway I came across an article on a “scalp facial”. Apparently our hair is suffering from over-styling and abundant product use. Tell me something I don’t know! I don’t use my straightener very often but I do when I want that sleek look, and when I use it I just know I am damaging my hair. What’s a girl supposed to do though when we want that look and can only achieve it with gadgets and products?

Well there are some new scalp treatments on the market to help us! Why the scalp? Well if we can look after our scalp this can help our hair grow quicker and thicker and can even prevent hair loss and thinning.

So what’s on the market? 2 treatments that Grazia has mentioned are firstly, the Aveda Healthy Hair Service, which is free to Aveda clients. A scalp camera (it magnifies the scalp by 600%) is used to find out about hair density, scalp oil levels and pore condition, which is then used to prescribe bespoke treatments, product service or tips on boosting scalp health.

Next up is the Philip Kingsley Prescriptive Hair-healing Spa Treatment. This “spa for your hair” experience at a clinic includes a scalp analysis and treatment, a scalp steam, toner and mask.

Well it all sounds great to me and all makes sense. If you look after your scalp then your hair will benefit from this. Just like your skin – if you use great products and have regular facials then you’re well on your way to having great skin.

So it’s a short blog to start with but I need to go. I’m off to a fashion show at the Caley Hotel. One of our regular clients, Sarah Murray, owns a beautiful and fab boutique on Thistle Street called Jane Davidson. I’m sure many of you have heard of it. Well she’s having a fashion show today so it’s such a treat to get all dressed up on a Sunday to go to this. Outfit – check. Babysitter – check. Blog done – check!

Eye Creams & Bee Venom!

So I’ve had to reach that place of reluctant acceptance this week, once and for all.  I have been studying my face for the past year for the extra wrinkle, that extra line round the mouth, that extended frown on my forehead. And unfortunately they are increasing in number. There’s no way from getting away from it. I can’t avoid it anymore! I am ageing!!

Longue Vie yeux at Chamomile SanctuarySo over the past few months I have been trying different eye creams. I use Guinot Liftosome Moisturiser as well as the Hydra Cellulaire serum and Longue Vie Yeux.  I love them all but have been using the eye cream for several years and felt I needed a change. I wanted to find something that will zap that eye area and remove those lines! Someone should have told me that was never going to happen. Well let’s be honest I knew that, but you can always kid yourself on and live in hope!!

Revive Eye Cream at Chamomile SanctuaryFirst up was Revive Moisturising eye cream. I went for this one as the girls in Space NK recommended this as I get drier skin around my eyes so I wanted something to address that. So having used this for 3 months or so I think it helped with moisturising around the eye but I don’t think it made any difference with my lines. Now I accept that any eye cream will not eliminate the lines but I think it should smooth them out more so they are not as noticeable.

Rodial Bee Venom at Chamomile SanctuarySo Back to Space NK I went and explained my concerns. We all agreed that the Revive Eye Cream had not provided enough moisture round the eye area and that was why my lines still looked pronounced. My eye area was still dehydrated. So a new cream was recommended and purchased.  This time – Rodial Bee Venom Eye Cream. Sounds fab doesn’t it? Bee Venom. Just the thought of using venom makes you think of everything tightening up. This was recommended for moisture round my eye area and the bee venom will apparently smooth out the lines. In fact it sounds better than fab!! I’m only on Day 4 but I have to say so far my eye area is feeling and looking moist and the lines don’t look so dehydrated so here’s hoping.

Although I am ageing and gaining more lines I guess I am fairly lucky as my skin is normally in good condition. I put that down to good genes, good products since my twenties and drinking lots of water every day. One of my relatives has bad acne and struggles with her skin. It doesn’t matter what routine she follows or products she uses she is constantly having to battle with her acne and scarring. However I have been reading today in the Sunday Times that there may be help at last. Some of you may be familiar with the drug, Roaccutane. This is prescribed for bad acne however it has all sorts of side effects such as depression, inflammatory bowel disease etc so it is really avoided in the main for the treatment of acne in the UK.

Well they have reduced the dose of this drug in the US so it is a quarter of the normal starting dose and it has been having amazing results. Apparently it has a 96% rate and not the side effects of the higher dose. The drug reduces inflammation in the skin, shrinks sebaceous glands, stymies bacterial growth end enhances skin-cell turnover. I believe that you can access this in the UK and from what I have read it has amazing results. I shall be recommending my cousin to look into this pronto!


Healthy Nails

Nails at Chamomile sanctuaryI don’t know about you but I don’t look after my nails. I know I shouldn’t be saying that as I own a Spa and that’s not a very good advert but it’s finding the time to look after those nails that is the problem. My girls are always telling me to leave my cuticle oil by my bed together with my hand cream so I can put it on at night when I am going to bed but it barely ever happens. I think I’m so exhausted by the time I fall into bed that I either forget or can’t be bothered. Well I think I am now paying for that laziness.

You see, if you don’t look after your nails and they’re unhealthy then no matter how good a manicure you have or how good the polish is they’re not going to look their best unless you have a healthy nail as a base.

So what do we need to do to get lovely, healthy nails?

French Polish at Chamomile SanctuaryTo answer that question, I think we need to define what does a happy, healthy nail look like?  Well it should be a healthy white nail with a slightly pink glow – this signifies blood flow – and a long smooth nail bed that has a clean edge, which is strong, snag free and around 2-3mm long. Sounds very specific doesn’t it?!

Even the skin around the nail makes a difference to how your manicure will look. As you will appreciate if you bite the skin or have hangnails then that will affect the overall look.

So back to what do we need to do to get healthy nails?

1. Look at your diet

This is one of the biggest problems for nails. A good, nutrient-rich diet shows through in your skin, hair and nails, and when you’re not getting the right vitamins the deficiencies show. Trust me, I know! Protein is also great for nails as well as keratin. You can find keratin in keratin-rich vegetables such as broccoli, leeks, kale and brussel sprouts. Drinking lots of water is great too. Dehydration can lead to flaky, weak nails.

2. Protect your hands

Use a good hand cream so that moisture is locked in. This will soften any hard skin. Cuticle oil is fab too for looking after your nails. You have to remember that when you have shellac or other polish on, the nail finds it hard to breathe so if you are regularly using hand cream as well as cuticle oil this will really help.

3. Take supplements

Folic acid is great for keeping your nails strong. Omega 3 fish oil is a fab all-rounder. Even some supplements formulated for pregnant women are beneficial because they’re really rich in amino acids and protein.

4. Don’t pull your Shellac off!

When you do this you are creating stress on your nail bed. You will also be left with those little white marks when you pull the shellac off. Think of those marks as stretch marks, the result of you pulling the nail where it’s inflexible. That’s not good for the nail!

5. Use a Nail Rebuilder

Rescuerx at Chamomile SanctuaryThere are plenty on the market but you should try and use this if your nails are in a bad condition. CND have just brought something onto the market called RescueRx. This is a daily keratin treatment, which has been designed to improve nail condition. Katie has been testing this for the past 2 weeks and she reckons that they are now stronger, not flaking and more rehydrated.

6. Give your nails a break

If you have been wearing polish constantly on your nails for a long time, especially shellac, then you need to give your nails a break. Let them breathe and restore themselves.

An amusing story to leave you with. I had to contact one of our therapists last week, Debbie, who was at home. So I went to find her home number on our system, only to see that she had put her contact number as 0131 220 1000 which is the Spa number!!!!  Really helpful!

A hard time..

A blog with a difference this week – a slight digression from beauty but about women so I guess it still fits with Chamomile!

I’ve been getting asked recently to do speeches at various events. Some have been to do with football and others to do with both the Spa and football. In writing these speeches it has made me think, and about my journey, and also about being a woman. Most of you will know that I lost both my husband and father 6 years ago within the space of 3 days leaving me with a 13 month old baby. I now juggle being a mother to my 7 year old, as well as running the Spa and being involved with a football club.

It was last week when I was speaking to about 80 women in Glasgow that I realised that we, as women, are far too hard on ourselves and we keep putting ourselves down. At one point I was explaining how I juggle so many things, so much so that I literally feel sometimes that I have all these balls in the air and I’m scurrying around flinging them back up there. Men don’t seem to have this. It does not seem to be expected of them. All that seems to be expected of men is that they get a great job and bring home a decent income. Whereas I am realising that what’s expected from a lot of women is a whole lot more. We are supposed to be an amazing mother and partner, have a high flying career and look fabulous at all times!! How is that fair and how did we get to this??

I thought feminism was supposed to be about enabling women (and men) to choose how they want to live their lives. Now it seems to have been distorted and twisted into this expectation that every woman must be all she can be. In other words we should be perfect!!!

How did this happen? And let’s be honest this is never going to happen for any of us. A few of us will achieve many things in our lives but even fewer will manage them all at the same time. I can see those balls in the air as I type.

So much is expected of our gender and added to that is the fact that we are judged more harshly by both sexes, which is really sad. We, as women, don’t help ourselves though as we are very hard on ourselves and put ourselves down. A perfect example of this is when I was explaining to someone last week before my speech that I have been asked to speak at a conference in a few weeks time. It’s all about inspiring women and I guess they have thought of me because of my story. However, I said out loud that I wondered why they had chosen me and surely they had got the wrong person? Margaret, who I was speaking to, looked at me and pointed out that if I had been a man I never would have said that and just would have thought that of course I was the right person to be chosen to speak. And there lies the rub. This is where we are very different from men.

Chamomile Sanctuary - Sheryl SandbergI remember reading the book, Lean In, by Sheryl Sandberg. There was a great chapter on the difference between how men and women see each other. A collection of students, which comprised of both men and women, were divided into 2 groups, A and B. Both groups had both men and women in it. Each group was given a story to read. It was the same story but each had a different gender as the main character. Essentially Group A had a story about a man who worked very hard and did everything he had to do to get to this particular position in a company. All the students who read this had been impressed with the man and basically “well done him”. End of. However, the other story, which Group B read, was exactly the same but it was a woman who worked hard to get to this position. In this case, the students who read it thought she was opinionated, difficult, harsh, arrogant etc. Do I need to go on?? Yet it was the same story but simply with different genders.

So I come back to my question – how did we get to this and how do we change it? Unfortunately I don’t have an answer to either of these questions. All I know is that tomorrow when I am taking my son to school he will ask me the all important and heart tugging question – “Mummy, are you picking me up tonight?”. To which I will have to say “No, darling, I can’t. I’m working.” And I will walk away feeling like a bad mother, when all I am doing is working to provide for my son.



Sun, Chamomile sanctuaryI’m just back from Dubai. It was fabulous – sun, sand, sea…… The only downside is that I did not heed my advice and ended up with getting too much sun on my face and décolletage. I am now convinced that I have more lines and wrinkles and I’m very unhappy with myself and my lack of discipline!! Why, oh why, can’t I do what I do with my son – lather myself in factor 50??

So now I’m having to try and reverse the ageing process with my monthly CACI Luxury Treatment. The girls are telling me though that they can’t work miracles! Thanks girls!!! I guess the lesson is practice what you preach – keep your face out of the sun as well as the top of your chest.  I think I need to read my last few blogs again!!

CricketWhile on holiday I got the chance to read various magazines and catch up on any beauty news. One article I found in my fave mag, Grazia, was about crickets. Apparently, some restaurants are now offering as a starter crickets. Yes the ones that hop about and make that buzzing noise!! They are full of protein, amino acids, omega 3s, fibre, iron and potassium so great for your health and skin. What on earth is going on at the moment? If you read my facebook page regularly you will have read about Urophagia the other day, which is where people drink their own urine to tackle ailments with some people putting the urine into their beauty products!! The world has gone mad!

BotoxLast year, one of the fads was not shaving or waxing. Women were priding themselves in growing more hair. In particular they were holding onto their hair down under as well as in their armpits and other places. So I’ve been wondering what will be the fads this year? I can’t wait to see. One of them I do know that will be hitting us very soon is a new type of filler. Now we have all seen the effects of the pillow face, haven’t we? Look at Courtney Cox. Well coming onto the market is Restylane Silk. This will be available in the US very soon and then no doubt over here. This is a filler designed for younger people with finer lines who want a more natural look. Does that mean I can fall into this category?! Basically this filler absorbs well into the skin and does not leave lumps like other fillers on the market. Effectively your collagen will be replaced while keeping all the movement. It is sounding good to me although I have always been in the camp of no botox or fillers. I don’t know why. It’s just me. That said with more fine lines now appearing I may change my mind and this new filler sounds fab.

That’s it for now.

Pampering….what more can a girl ask for?

My last few Blogs have been about wrinkles and those dreaded fine lines with the Wrinkle Test and Nurturing your Neck. So I thought that I would ease up this week on making you feel like you’re ageing before your very eyes and look at some well needed pampering.

So what constitutes pampering at this time of year? Well I have come up with 5 treatments, which I think will do just the trick!

Here we go:

1. Facial – This is a must at this time of year. Our skin becomes very dry and dehydrated in this weather and we need to look after it.  What facial suits you best is based on many things – your lifestyle, skin, hormones, sleep and many other factors.

Hydradermie at Chamomile SanctuaryAt Chamomile we can assess your skin and advise on what will work for you. You may need an intensive facial such as the Guinot Hydradermie, which many of you will know is my favourite. It leaves your skin glowing and I love it. It’s our most popular facial.  Alternatively, there are our fab new Crystal Clear Facials, which we have just introduced. There are different ones varying from the Stay Young Anti-ageing facial, which does what it says on the tin, to the Problem Solvers Facial. And then there are the Aromatherapy Associates’ facials which are of the more pampering in nature but still wonderful for your skin.

If of course you do want to be reminded of those horrible wrinkles and fine lines hovering in the background then you can still opt for our tried and tested Guinot Hydradermie Lift or the CACI Non-surgical facelift. Both massively popular treatments in the spa and although geared towards ageing skin they still benefit your skin in terms of cleansing, moisturising and giving you glowing skin.

2. Manicure – at this time of year your hands can be dry and cracked. We need to take care of them!

I know my hands and nails are very dry and I just don’t take enough care with them. I blame it on lack of time, always dashing around working or looking after the 7 year old. It’s just an excuse! It doesn’t take long to have a manicure. Having a manicure will nourish your skin as well as tidy up your nails and give you a dash of colour to cheer you up.

Even if you don’t have time for a manicure you should always use hand creams as well as cuticle oil. Most people don’t realise how important the latter is. Just pop the oil and hand cream by your bed and before you go to sleep apply them. It takes seconds and works wonders!

3. IPL – Laser Hair Removal. If you’re considering laser hair removal, then the time is now. Skin is more photosensitive after laser treatment and so the best time to get zapped is when you’re safely covered up.  Plus it gives you time to get your first few appointments well out of the way by bikini season. You can have IPL for your bikini area, legs, chin, underarms etc. Once you’ve done this you will never go back to waxing!


4. Scalp Treatment – The health of your hair is directly affected by that of your scalp, so keeping it in tip-top condition is important for beautiful tresses. At Chamomile we offer a fabulous nourishing hair and scalp treatment, which may put you to sleep as well as provide you with all of the nourishment you need. No need to say more….it speaks for itself.

Massage at Chamomile Sanctuary5. Massage – What better time to treat yourself to an utterly luxurious treatment than those chilly, slightly dull first months of the year? Aromatherapy Associates’ Ultimate Experience is designed with just that philosophy in mind – a fabulous full-body massage. This will de-stress, soothe and heal, all in the deeply calming surroundings of the Spa. Wind down further in our Relax room afterwards.

We have some fab offers at the moment ladies so why not try out that pampering and enjoy some me time. You know you’re worth it!